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The most challenging boards to design are the ones that look quite ordinary, as they must work in a variety of conditions and for many riding styles and levels.


"Welcome to The Snurfers! We are a team of enthusiastic snowboarders and skiers who have joined forces to establish an e-shop/local shop in Patra, Greece. Our aim is to provide top-quality gear for all your winter sports requirements.

Our objective is to deliver the highest level of customer service, ensuring that every purchase is a pleasant one. Additionally, we actively contribute to the winter sports community by sponsoring local teams and events.

At The Snurfers.com, winter sports, water sports are our passion, and we are committed to providing you with top-notch gear and valuable advice to optimize your time on the mountain. Thank you for choosing

Find out about winter sport's and water sport's, such us Rollers, snowboard, skiing, SUP, skateboard, longboard, wakeboard and more in our local store at Patra city!