The Jameson 2 Eco is a lifestyle sneaker that blends classic Etnies style with comfort and quality. The Eco construction makes these shoes as eco-friendly as possible, with a reduced carbon footprint and all recycled materials. The midsole uses colored EVA foam to create an authentic distressed look, and the upper is made of tumbled leather for a durable finish.

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  • Brand: Etnies
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  • Recycled open cell PU foam insole
  • Recycled rubber outsole
  • Faux vulc cupsole
  • Thinly padded tongue and collar
  • Vegan

  • Foam Lite 1 εσωτερική σόλα 
  • Κατασκευή Egg crate στην ενδιάμεση σόλα
  • Faux vulc cupsole κατασκευή
  • Ελαφρός ενισχυμένο στην γλώσσα και το κολάρο
  • 20% ανακυκλωμένη σόλα από καουτσούκ
  • Vegan
  • Σύνθεση: Καμβάς