What's in a name? The Easy Joy says it all. Designed to boost women's confidence on the slopes, HEAD introduces a new shape, which results in a more forgiving and easy-to-turn ski. Women-specific Better Balance Technology adds ramp angle in the plate, designed to put women in an optimum balanced position. A lightweight core and 70 mm waist makes the Easy Joy an easy choice for women.

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  • 153
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  • LYT Tech Construction
  • Power Fiber Jacket Construction
  • Synthetic Core
  • UHM C Base
  • Allride Rocker
  • Plate: JOY "BB" SLR PRO Base

General Information


Side Cut
The side cut effects the radius of the ski. Modern ski manufacturers have almost the identical ski radius per length and model type. The skis side cut and radius differs due to the intended use, for example - the race carver has a thinner side cut compared to the wider side cut of a slalom ski. All other skis regardless in which catergory they are found range between a radius of 9m and 16m. Generally the longer the ski the longer the radius.


Ski length
When purchasing a ski the length is not the most important deciding issue. The decission to choose a ski that is easy to turn or a more stable ski is made according to the skis hardness (construction) and side cut. The difference is clear to see. Purchasing the chosen ski a length higher or lower does not play a big role, the difference is minimal. Over an entire skiing day different ski lengths have different advantages. Do not lose sleep over a few centimeters.

If a decision cannot be made then consider the next few points. The shorter ski is to be taken if you ski slower and slide through the turns. A shorter ski has 5 - 10 % less turning resistance, thats about the difference between a serviced ski and a ski with no wax. A longer ski can be taken if you ski faster and more aggressive. A shorter ski when skiing harder can react unstable and begin to vibrate. The longer ski is stable, however the longer ski requires more energy and power from the skier which can cause fatigue.


Torsion and stability
The next issue is the torsion, a skis torsion can be tested by twisting the skis tip with both hands. With more torsion or stiffness the ski reacts more stable and holds better on harder slopes, but on the other hand it becomes more difficult to command through sliding turns. Basically the higher the speed and/or harder the snow is, the more stable the skis torsion should be.


For men and women with less weight a ski with a softer flex is recommended. That goes for beginners too. Should the skier weigh a little more but is still a beginner we recommend a ski with a wooden core due to the higher quality. A lighter woman for example at a beginners level will be happier with an Easy Carver where as a heavier man will feel with the same ski a little unstable.


Normally it can be said that a more expensive ski has a higher quality in regards to torsion, gliding effect and breaking strength. The cheaper beginner models are convincing with price and for lighter skiers that are not practising more powerful turns. Not recommended are the Easy Carvers for skiers that weigh more than 60 kg or more advanced skiers with carving turns and more power.

We gladly assembly for you the bindings on the skis, prerequisite we can ship the skis from our central warehouse. However, we must point out that to customer wishes preassembled skis can not be taken back! Then these goods are excluded from the right to cancel the contract!