Literally, the HEAD EDGE LYT 80 are the ski boots for your entry into world of skiing, but offer a surprising level of ski control to progress fast. The easy entry and the pleasant interior of the Comfort Liner give you a feeling of well-being, right from the start of your progress. Of course Power Efficient Design also comes into effect. Hi-Top Tech and Duo Flex transmit your energy directly into pure skiing pleasure. While you put in less effort the skis give you more rebound than ever. You can hardly wait for the next ride down the hill.

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  • 27.0

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Έξυπνο πλαίσιο

Hi-Top tech

Duo Flex

Εύκολη σχεδίαση κελύφους εισόδου

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Smart frame

Hi-Top tech

Duo Flex

Easy entry shell design

Single canting 



Increased walking comfort and improved natural roll thanks to a curved rubber sole. 



Using the lightest, strongest material on Earth, we continuously change and brake convention to create something focused, in its purest form. LYT TECH Skis and Ski Boots have one single-minded Goal: To provide exhilarating performance, effortlessly.