Color: Blue Upper: Crafted from durable yet breathable, well-ventilated material for semi-soft comfort. Cuff: Built with high-resistance polypropylene to ensure stability and support. Shell: Constructed from tough, high-resistance polypropylene for enhanced durability. Locking: Equipped with a safety lock buckle and a 45-degree Velcro ankle strap for secure fastening. Frame: Features an integrated polypropylene frame for optimal stability and maneuverability. Bearings: Smooth and efficient ABEC5 bearings ensure a seamless ride. Wheels: Sized 23-26: 4x58mm, 27-38: 4x70mm, the 80A bullet profile polyurethane wheels provide an excellent balance of grip and glide.

  • Brand: micro
  • SKU: MIS-COSMO-BL 31-34
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Size: *
  • 35-38

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