Since 2008 Micro Skate began to involve in Speed Skate Filed, YES, we came back Now! As the first full Carbon Fiber Micro Speed Skate, it is 100% heat moldable that can give you sustainable skating experience in every high intensity training and competition.

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  • 33-35
  • 36-38
  • 39
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  • 41
  • 42
  • 43

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If speed skating is your thing, you are going to love the Micro Dynamic .

These low-cut and lightweight Inline Speed Skate features a heat moldable carbon construction boot with a Lace flap, that will not only give your skates a sharp look but will also work as 45 degree buckle, assuring the right position of your heel while skating.

The Dynamic skates are equipped with Twincam ILQ 9 Pro bearings, a 6061 series aluminium Frame and Super hight rebound wheels and its available in 3 frame/wheels sizes, 4 x 90mm wheels for skates sizes between 30-32, 4x100mm wheels for skates sizes between 33-38 And 4x110mm wheels for skates sizes between 39,40,41,42 and 43.

Skate Faster, skate the Micro Dynamic .