- Ecological wakeboard - Light paulownia core + bamboo sidewalls - Central carbon strip (extra-resistant) - Light table for cable and boat - Wakeboard with Rocker in 3 stages (3 stages) - 3D table with 4 channels. - Suitable for kiteboarding too - Includes holes for fins - With manufacturing guarantee

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We have managed to make a wakeboard that works perfectly on cableski (wakepark) and on a boat. Besides, we have tested it as a kiteboard and it works very well.

The Punk wakeboard measures 146 x 44.5 cm. It is a long and wide board to have stability both in modules and in the water. It has 4 different stance positions; the separation between your boots can be from 39 to 47cm. We have verified that with a more closed stance you gain footfall, speed of maneuver/mobility and the knees appreciate it, but you will have less balance in modules.

This wake board has a 6 cm rocker and a 3 stage rocker. This means the wake board has a triple bottom, 3 point camber, so the bottom is flatter and then the sides rise/curve more pronounced. This facilitates the tricks in the modules since you have more tail or nose in contact and consequently more stability. By having a more pronounced rocker than normal, it makes more footprint (nosepress and tailpress).

This wakeboard has a 3D shape. 4 embossed channels that run through the entire table. These channels help driving in water, stabilization in modules and reception of jumps. If you also add the 4 fins in the holes that come standard, you have a board that is more than suitable for boats or Kiteboards.